About Us

Enmore Association of New York (EANY) was established in 1999 as a result of a few brave and courageous men who believe in philanthropy. Today we are one of the most successful nonprofit organizations with more than twenty members and twenty plus donors and sponsors to serve the Enmore community in Guyana.

EANY provides donation of educational and other necessary materials to the community of Enmore. EANY also give support as necessary to the local organizations of Enmore in their efforts of safety, cultural and community affairs. We achieve this mission by receiving generous donations and contributions from former residents of Enmore who now resides outside of Guyana.

EANY is on a mission to continue help the less fortunate people who are still living in Enmore. We can only achieve our mission with your assistance, so please continue to give us your thoughtful donations. EANY is appealing to people of Enmore who are living out of Guyana to offer their contributions and is appreciative of whatever your contributions might be.